Typically, the design services that we provide fit into one of
the following three categories:

business identity

Your logo is the core of a strong brand; it must be unique, memorable
and easily recognizable.

businesss collateral

This includes your marketing pieces, stationery, business cards, folders,
brochures, etc. It’s essential that each piece be consistent with your
brand image, yet unique enough to stand on its own.

personal stationery

We feel that your personal correspondence deserves as much care and attention as your professional ones. These items include such things as baby announcements, party invitations, holiday cards, notecards and wedding invitations. We help put the “special” in your special events.

As a graphic design firm, we have a wide array of print houses with which we have working relationships; however, excluding the print of our two monthly magazines 90% of what we design is printed inhouse. With a state-of-the-art Xerox Digital Printer right in our office, we can emulate the high-end look of a large printing press, plus we have full control over the quality consistency, the turnaround time and, most importantly, the price that we pass on to our clients. Also, our clients are not restricted by the mass quantity requirements of typical print houses. You only want 25 postcards? We can do that. Oh, wait... you need them tomorrow? Yeah, we can do that, too.

Our capabilities for printing are quite extensive; however, if you already have a printer and only need design services, no problem. We’ll provide your printer of choice with final files prepared to their specifications. If not, we would be happy to supply you with a quote.

We also publish two magazines (in conjunction
with our parent company Homebuyers Publications),
which include Berkshire County Open House and
Columbia County Real Estate Magazine. See the
links below for their corresponding websites.

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our magazine online

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